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=Japanese-style Bagels=
Original Japanese Bagel 6% Yeast 140 yen
Original Japanese Bagel 10% Yeast 150 yen
Candied Crystal Sugar 150 yen
Pumpkin 170 yen
Matcha Kinako (Green Tea dough with Roasted Soy Flour) 230 yen
Soy Milk 180 yen
Five-grain Miso 190 yen
Pickled Nozawana Vegetables 210 yen
Sesame and Sweet Potato 210 yen
Black Pepper and Cheese 210 yen
Candied Walnut 210 yen
Fig and Walnut 310 yen
Raisin and Cheese 260 yen
Black Beans and Mochi (Japanese Rice Cake) 270 yen
Mochi and Cheese 240 yen
Lemon and Sweet Red Beans 250 yen
Roasted Apple 230 yen
Chunky Red Bean Paste and Cream Cheese 310 yen

=New York-style Bagels=
Plain 180 yen
Onion 180 yen
Garlic 180 yen
Kosher Salt 180 yen
Everything 180 yen
Sesame 180 yen
Whole Wheat Honey 180 yen
Pumpernickel 180 yen
Cinnamon Raisin 180 yen

※Minimum order size for bread is half a loaf. The price for a half loaf is half the full loaf. Plain, Sweet Bean, and Pumpkin bread are available at around 11:00-11:30 daily.

Plain Loaf 280 yen
Raisin Loaf 480 yen
Sweet Bean Loaf 480 yen
Pumpkin Loaf 420 yen
Walnut Loaf 500 yen
English Muffin 90 yen
Walnut Roll with Sweet Milk Butter Spread 240 yen
Walnut Roll 140 yen
Raisin Roll 140 yen
Long Roll with Milk Cream Filling 210 yen
Long Roll with Spicy Cod Roe Cream Cheese 260 yen
Bagel Pizza with Tomato and Basil 420 yen
Seasonal Bagel Pizza 360-450 yen

Made to order with a New York-style bagel of your choice (Available till 16:00):
Smoked Salmon 800 yen
Beef Pastrami 750 yen
Bagel with Cream Cheese 310 yen and up (Price varies depending on the cream cheese)

Premade sandwiches from the refrigerated case (All sandwiches made with half a bagel. No substitution):
Sun-dried Tomato Cream Cheese on Whole Wheat Honey Bagel 280 yen
Sweet Red Bean Paste and Butter on Original Japanese Bagel (10% Yeast) 240 yen
Cream Cheese on Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 180 yen
Cream Cheese and Rum Raisin on Pumpkin Bagel 210 yen

=Rusks and Baked Goods=
Cinnamon Raisin Rusk 350 yen
Soy Milk Pumpkin Rusk 240 yen
Brown Sugar Rusk (Small) 720 yen
Brown Sugar Rusk (Large) 1,380 yen
Walnut Brownie 480 yen
Rum Raisin Brownie 480 yen
Chai Granola 720 yen
Berry Granola 780 yen

Served until 16:00.

Pour-over Coffee (Dark or medium roast) 420 yen
Cafe-au-Lait 420 yen
Darjeeling Tea (Served hot) 320 yen
Spiced Chai (Served hot or iced) 400 yen
Kids’ Favorite Juice (Orange or apple) 100 yen
San Benedetto Natural Sparkling Water 180 yen

All prices listed are pre-tax. Sales tax will be added upon check out.